About Me

Photo by Donovan North

Photo by Donovan North

Since I was a little girl, my grandmother has called me an "old soul". As an infant, she and my grandfather would take me to a local Art Deco theatre to watch black and white movies on the weekends. People were astonished that a child could sit silently through an entire film without making a peep, and I never did.  This led to an obsession with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers films, taking tap dancing lessons at 4 years old, singing jazz in a performing troupe by age 7, and getting my first Sinatra record at age 9. I was mesmerized by the eras of the past, which continue to mermerize and inspire me today, and have helped shape the woman I have become.

Hi Dolls! My name is Johanna and I would like to welcome you to my fashion and lifestyle blog. I am very excited to be blogging again and am looking forward to sharing my personal style and beauty tips with you! Over the years, I have dabbled with many different looks and styles, but always come back to my 1950s/'60s inspired glamour. I feel the most confident when draped in vintage clothing and costume jewelry, all done-up with glamorous hair and makeup, and am usually over-dressed for every occassion. I created this blog as a way to share the personal aesthetic and style that I have currated over the years, and show my viewers the glamorous, pink vintage lifestyle through my eyes.

On The Johanna Doll blog, you can expect to find styling and beauty tips, #OOTD posts, makeup tutorials, DIY/life hacks, direct shopping links, and various aspects of my life that give me joy. I hope you enjoy your visit here, and that you'll be back soon ;)

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Why "The Johanna Doll"?

My name is Paige, but my family has always called me Johanna (my middle name). I use to hate it growing up, but have come to love it because it's not a very common name and reminds me of my loving family. As a stylist, I have gone by the name Paige Johanna, but as a model I have wanted something a bit more unique and playful. My grandmother, who has most influenced my vintage aesthetic, calls me "doll", a term of endearment that her mother use to say. I changed my social media handle to Johanna Doll and it stuck! 

What do you do?

I am currently a blogger, freelance social media marketer and content creator, and model. I recently graduated from FIDM with my BS in Business Management. 

Do you have an agent?

No, I do not. I had an agent once upon a time when I started modeling after high school, but did not like who they wanted me to become. I am my own agent and represent myself in my most authentic way! If you would like to work with me, click here!

Do you dress in vintage clothing/makeup all the time?

Usually, yes. I am one of those girls who enjoys spending the time doing my hair and makeup in the morning and thinks of every day as an opportunity to wear the things I love the most. If I'm not decked out in a vintage-inspired look, I will at least either be wearing a vintage jacket or jewelry, and always a pair of heels. I rarely wear flats and am always over dressed for everything. That's just me. 

Who takes all of your Instagram photos?

My boyfriend, Donovan, has become the master of taking vintage-inspired lifestyle and outfit photos. Unless otherwise stated, he is the one who takes all of my photos, and either he or I edit them. We are a dream team! Check out his Instagram, @eyesofdonovannorth

Do you have Youtube?

Working on it... ;)

Got more questions? Send them here...