Bucking Broncos

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What a Dolly, A Bronco That No One Could Break...

Winter in California does not exist. This is a fact that I am perfectly ok with, though I often wish we could at least have a month or two of something other than warm weather. Anyways, during this time of year, the weather is up and down --  some days are super sunny and warm and others are a bit cooler, and nights can get chilly. Hence, my new best friend, the Bucking Bronco sweater from Atomic Swag.

This sweater features tons of little horseshoes throughout its designs, with two small horses on the chest, and a big one on the back. It is the perfect sweater for indecisive weather because it will keep you warm, yet is soft and breathable enough for when the temperature rises. It's also cropped and quite fitted, which I absolutely love! Tip: As I am 6'0" tall, I got a size Medium so the sweater would be a bit longer. I usually wear an extra small/small, but the medium gave me an extra bit of length, while still having a fitted look.

To contrast the blues of the sweater, I paired it with some baby pink trousers from J.Crew (which conveniently also match my hair). They always remind me of Spring, so I ended up tossing on my favorite gingham Nine West heels to feed off of that Spring feeling. And the final touch was a glittery pair of blue-grey cateye sunglasses from Pinup in a Pack. I think it all paired quite nicely together, don't you?

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What I Wore...

Sweater: Atomic Swag Bucking Bronco sweater 

Pants: J.Crew (similar style)

Shoes: Nine West Twisted Gingham Stiletto 

Sunglasses: Pinup in a Pack Grey Blue Glitter Cateyes 

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