Pastel Passion

All photos by Spike Marble

All photos by Spike Marble

But Debbie...Pastels?

I use to be the girl who averted from light colors, especially pastels. As a teenager, I was drawn to black and the occasional pop of jewel tones like ruby red and cobalt blue. But as I have gotten older, I have regained the love I once had as a child for powdery blues and pinks and lilacs and began to wear lighter colors again. And once I discovered Sofia Coppola's film Marie Antoinette, I was hooked on the idea of a pastel-colored world, like a box of French macarons. 


Speaking of Marie Antoinette, there is a scene in the film where Marie has pink hair, which inspired me to dye my own hair a pastel shade of pink. I adored how sweet the color was on her and how feminine it looked. I decided to play around with Arctic Fox and OverTone hair color to create my perfect shade of pale pink, which I have had for about six months and love. I also like to compliment my pink hair with a light wash of pink blush on the cheeks or a soft pink lipstick and shimmery gloss on the lips. 


I will always be a little bit of a Morticia, but yes darling, pastels!


The blouse I am wearing belongs to my dear friend Melinda, who has just as much of an obsession with vintage clothing as I do. We began a trade a couple months ago in which I borrow a piece from her vintage collection for a week or so, and vice versa, and then we give the pieces back to each other and start again. It's fun to share a passion with a friend, especially when it involves clothes.

This blouse is a piece of true vintage from the 1950s and is a perfect sheer powder blue, with small ruffles all over the front and white buttons up the back. I paired it with long white trousers and custom springolators for a sweet, Spring time look. 


This look was also featured on The Local Lifestyle blog, in a post about popular trends for Spring 2018. Check it out here!

Screenshot from The Local Lifestyle

Screenshot from The Local Lifestyle

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