My Birthday 'Wish List'


It's my birthday! Today I am 26 years old, which feels no different than 25, and will be spending the day recovering from a very busy weekend of celebrating with my family.

As with every birthday, my friends and family have been asking me what I want as gifts. As a lover of fashion and beauty, there is always something new that I want, but not many things that I want enough to ask someone for -- if I see something that I like, I usually just buy it for myself. Though I did not ask for any material gifts this year, I thought it would be fun to create a "wish list" of some of the new things I have been liking and lusting over. Rather than a "Hey, buy me this" list, this is more of a "Hey, I like this and maybe you will too" list...though if you'd like to buy me something, I'll be accepting gifts all month long ;). Most of these items are from indie brands, created by lovely people I have met or know through Instagram, and I like to support them. And you should too! 

Platinum Parlor - Glamour Shop

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The first on my list is a lovely online shop created by vintage vixen and glamour queen, Tara Misioux. I have loved Tara's style since her Pink Collar Life days and was so excited to see a new shop of glamorous goodies from Tara. Not only is she absolutely gorgeous and such a sweetheart, but she knows how to run a successful shop and has exquisite taste. The shop offers a variety of pretty accessories from jewelry to sunglasses to cute headwear, all with an Old Hollywood flair. Naturally, my favorite piece in the current collection is the Moonlit Tiara, which I wish I had purchased sooner so I could wear it tomorrow. I am also loving the sparkly Oversized Celestial Earrings and the gorgeous  Moth Clutch, which would pair well with a couple of the other items mentioned in this list...

Vixen by Micheline Pitt

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When do I not want something from Vixen by Micheline Pitt? This indie brand is created by model and artist Micheline Pitt, who is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, and a total badass. I have been a fan of her clothing brand since its inception and each new collection is better than the last. 

I am currently obsessing over the Sweetheart Wiggle Dress in Spider Web print, which is the perfect mashup between sweet pinup and sexy goth girl. The Sweetheart wiggle dresses created by Micheline are a perfect representation of a classic vintage silhouette, are extremely figure-flattering and are also quite comfortable. I adore the spider web print and know that I could get a lot of use out of this dress all year round.

La Femme en Noir

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While I have several pieces from the Vixen line, I have never owned anything from Micheline's other line, La Femme en Noir. This brand is inspired by the darker side of Micheline's personal style and features curve-hugging dresses in lush fabrics, unique swimwear sets, and a whole lot of black. My favorite piece at the moment is the Baudelaire Dress in Black Velvet. I could see this dress taking me all the way through Holiday season, while also being a great staple piece for nights out on the town. 




Bésame Cosmetics

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Do I need a new red lipstick? No. But do I want a new red lipstick? Always. 

I have come across the Bésame Cosmetics booths at Dapper Day, Tiki O and VLV, and have followed them on Instagram for a while, but still do not own a Bésame red lipstick. I own so many red lipsticks that I keep convincing myself that I do not need another one...but I actually think I do. Bésame has the most beautiful selection of lipstick shades, most of which are replicas of actual lipsticks from the 1920s to the 1970s, with exquisite packaging. My favorite, naturally, is the 1959 - Red Hot Red lipstick, which apparently was Marilyn's favorite shade too. It is the perfect warm, bright red that optimizes Old Hollywood glamour. I am also intrigued by the new sheer lipsticks, especially in the shade Berry Red. Usually, if I want a more sheer lip look, I will apply a light layer of my favorite lipstick and blend it out. But this product allows you to create that look with ease. And that pink packaging is just so sweet, I must have one!

Dottie's Delights Lingerie

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I love vintage and vintage-inspired lingerie. If I could walk around in frilly, colorful lingerie sets all day every day, I would. I first found Dottie's Delights on Instagram, and was instantly drawn to the pinup-perfect sleepwear sets and beautiful lingerie. 

I obviously fell in love with this Long Sheer Dressing Robe in Powder Peach. It would make a lovely addition to my current collection of dressing robes, as I surprisingly do not own a pink one. There's something so glamorous about a long dressing gown, don't you think? 



Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 9.05.35 AM.png

I am also loving the entire Mosh x Dottie's Delights collection and would die to have any of the pieces they created. The collection features a lot of black tulle and satin ribbons, paired with cheeky designs (literally) to create the ultimate fetish pinup feel. I obviously am lusting after the Mam'selle Long Sleeve Tulle Dressing Robe, which is extremely dramatic and almost too perfect for words. I also love the Elsa Mirror Pocket Petticoat, which comes in black and pink tulle. This beauty is unique as it can be worn over a pretty dress during the day, and over sexy lingerie at night. 


Ash Lash

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If you have Instagram, love feminine style with a vintage touch, and haven't heard of Ashlyn Coco, then you must be living under a rock. Ashlyn is the quintessential pink-pinup of the modern age, with enviable platinum hair and an aesthetic all her own. I started following her on Instagram because of our mutual love of Old Hollywood and Lana Del Rey, and became a fan of her false lash and accessories company, Ash Lash, when it launched earlier this year. The faux-mink, Vegan lashes are super fluffy and long and can be worn multiple times -- and they come in a variety of lush, glamorous styles. I have only tried the 'Lana' and 'Lolita' styles thus far, but would love to get my claws on the 'Dolly', '1960', 'Debutante', and 'Showgirl'. 

Danielle Nicole Handbags

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As a major Disney fan and honorary Disney princess (I have been called this by friends and family, and even some complete strangers, since I was a toddler) I am always drawn to Disney merchandise, especially when it comes to Danielle Nicole handbags. My favorite thus far has been the Snow White mini backpack and the Cinderella Bluebird Envelope clutch, which are now both on sale. 

One of my favorite bags from the current collection is this super whimsical Snow White Dress Mini Satchel. Danielle Nicole bags are unique, high quality, and the perfect gift for any Disney fan. Can't wait to see what she designs next!


To learn more about the brands featured in this post, check out their websites:

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