The Graduate: Now What?


Life update: I am a college graduate!

On September 14th, 2018, I graduated college and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management. It feels surreal to finally be finished with homework and not have to study for exams or work on group projects, but also feels so right. I get to sleep 8 hours and work on my art, and the panic attacks have subsided. There were several times when I did not think I would ever have a Bachelor’s degree or that my graduation date would never come, but here we are. I am the first member of my family to have a Bachelor’s degree! I graduated with good grades, which landed me on the Honor Roll, and have a wealth of knowledge that I did not previously possess.

So here’s a little secret… I am not a school person. Never have been. Though I understand the need of a proper education and honestly enjoy learning, I am not a huge fan of the education system in the US (though we will not go down that road today). I struggle to feel motivated when sitting through hours of lecture and getting busy work for homework. And exams and I do not get along. Like most creatives, I overthink everything and when a multiple choice question could have multiple answers but only one is “more correct” than others, I am completely confused. But I kept pushing myself to get my work done and to do the best I could, and it paid off. My parents said they are more proud of me because I graduated with good grades despite being someone who struggles with school — it shows them how hard I worked. And I’m pretty proud of that too.

Now when I say I graduated with a BS in Business from FIDM, people often give me an odd look. Why get a business degree from a fashion school? As previously mentioned, I am a creative who is completely ruled by the right side of my brain, and most universities do not cater to creatives. But FIDM understands that its students are creative and learn differently than most, and build their lesson plans around that notion. Before going to FIDM, I went to another university and hated it. Every class was based on long lectures where you listened to the professor ramble on a subject while you take notes, and are then tested on the material. While this form of teaching may work for some students, it certainly does not work for me and I did very poorly in those classes. FIDM has its share of professors who also enjoy lecturing, but it also has many professors who prefer to teach interactively. This meant a lot of in-class discussions and debates, and hefty projects rather than exams. While projects take way more time and effort than studying for exams, I felt that they challenged me more and I learned and retained the course material much better. In addition, FIDM’s business program is focused around modern ideals of business, such as entrepreneurship, international business, and e-commerce. As someone who has wanted to start her own business, I feel well equipped with the material I learned from FIDM and don’t think I could have had a better education at any other university. If you are a creative person who is looking to get a degree in business, I highly recommend checking out FIDM (which has campuses in LA, San Francisco, and San Diego).

So, now what?

While I am enjoying a little break from responsibility, where I can travel a bit and work on creative endeavors, I am also looking for my “big girl job” — my 9-to-5. I really enjoy modeling and working on social media and blogging, but it does not make me much money. I have professionally dabbled in so many things that I do not know which road to start down when looking for a job. Thus far, I have worked in PR, merchandising, styling, retail sales and management, and social media marketing, and freelanced as a personal shopper and makeup artist. I really enjoy creating content for social media and creative writing, and thus hope to find a job in either social media marketing or copywriting. I’ll keep you all updated on my quest!


Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 6.39.13 PM.png

Since I already walked and had a full graduation ceremony when I earned my AA in Marketing years ago, I did not feel it necessary to do it again for my BS. Getting the degree was a big enough reward for me on its own. So I put on my old grad cap (which I had covered in crystals of course) and took some pseudo grad photos of myself in my tiny “studio”, then went to a nice dinner with my family. Then, my boyfriend took me on a weekend getaway to Palm Springs to celebrate — now that’s the only graduation “ceremony” I need!

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