Work With Me

As stated in my About page, I am a freelance stylist and model with a flair for vintage-inspired fashion and pinup-style beauty. I love working with brands as a product stylist, social media contributor, and product model, and am always looking for new brands to collaborate with. Below you will find the brands I have currently worked with, and various other places me and my work have been featured. 

If you are interested in working with me, or would like to feature your product/business on my blog, contact me here...


Pinup Product Modeling

Brands: Loco Lindo, Vixen by Micheline Pitt, Pinup in a Pack,  Atomic Swag, Meteor Jewelry Co.

Photographers: Jason Kamimura, Spike Marble, Donovan Casterline, Pinup Kulture

Brand Styling

Brands/Retailers: Ash Lash, Loco Lindo, Pinup in a Pack, D'Arte, J.Crew

Photographers: Don Caster, Johanna Doll

Social Media Contributions & Features

Brand Features (IG): Vixen by Micheline Pitt, Polished Raven, Sweet Siren Designs, Loco Lindo, Meteor Jewelry Co., Pinup in a Pack, Lush, Rosedale Fine Jewelry 

Other Features (IG): The Pure Pinup, Pinup Kulture, Emerald & Palm, Team Pinup, Shop D'Arte, Garage Pinups, RCW PR