Modeling product for vintage-inspired clothing and accessory brands.

Pinup Girl Clothing • September 2018

Photography: Milena Byrnes-Flores | Hair: Johanna Doll | Makeup: Aponi Fenno

Pinup Girl Clothing • April 2018

Photography: Sequoia Emmanuelle | Hair & Makeup: Erika Diehl

Pinup in a Pack • May 2018

Photography: Donovan North | Hair & Makeup : Johanna Doll

Lindy Bop • March 2018

Photography: Donovan North | Hair, Makeup & Styling: Johanna Doll

Pinup Girl Clothing • February 2018

Photography: Heidi Calvert | Hair & Makeup: Erika Diehl


Some more work, just for fun! No product modeling or brand collaborations here. Just some images created by photographer friends and I for social media, blog posts, or just for kicks.

Pink Flamingos • December 2017 • My favorite photoshoot of all time

Photography: Spike Marble (Spike & the Camera) | Hair, Makeup & Styling: Johanna Doll