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Happy Valentine's Day


I don't care what anyone says, I love Valentine's Day. Many of my friends don't celebrate it because they think it's a silly "Hallmark holiday", but I prefer to look at it in a different way. It is a day to celebrate love! Whether it be the love between a romantic couple, or between best friends or family members, love is love! Having love and being loved deserves to be celebrated.

This year my boyfriend Donovan and I went to Malibu for a fabulous trip to the Getty Villas. Later that evening we stopped for drinks at Taste at the Palisades and had a romantic sushi dinner at Pearl Dragon. Our day was pretty wonderful.

What did you do on Valentine's Day?



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Peplum Sweater, Skirt, Belt, Flats, Handbag  BCBG  //  Sunglasses  Prada

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